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Waste Management

Ecoserv Waste Management Process

We offer turnkey, integrated solutions to manage the complete life cycle of waste produced in offshore drilling, industrial downstream, upstream production, and marine dockside industries. Ecoserv offers traditional, robotic and automated cleaning to handle every job safely and efficiently.

Waste Collection

“Our waste collection services have been specifically designed to process and dispose of waste efficiently, while ensuring the highest level of environmental safety.  Our updated facilities and organized processes expedite our turn-around times, helping reduce our customers wait time and transportation costs. With leading technology, Ecoserv’s waste management team are experts in quickly collecting and managing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), Non-hazardous Oilfield Waste (NOW) and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)-exempt waste.”

Regarding the Cleaning Services section, I think what is under the Rad Services would be sufficient for Permian Cleaning Services as well, again to maintain consistency. In the event we were to cover a job, but didn’t have the equipment, we could plan ahead and either get it brought in from another area or rent to complete the job. The only service that stands out that we would never encounter is the Sub-Sea Trees under Cleaning and Decontamination.


Ecoserv’s Permian Basin Texas facilities, in Andrews and Big Spring, provide secure salt cavern disposal into bedded salt formations well below, and totally isolated from, all underground sources of drinking water.

Ecoserv is Texas’ first comprehensive, streamlined solution for E&P waste disposal. This includes the most environmentally friendly options for the decontamination and decommissioning industrial equiptment and naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) disposal. Our highly trained staff deliver an unsurpassed quality of work for all customers due to their extensive knowledge of NORM regulations and wide-spread experience in support of compliant production and drilling operations.



Ecoserv pioneered the patented, low-pressure injection disposal technology process to dispose of non-hazardous industrial waste into subsurface formations with isolation far below groundwater zones. Class I well injection technology has been lauded by the EPA as “safer than burying them in landfills, storing them in tanks or burning them in incinerators” (EPA Fact Sheet 813-F-94-002 Class I Injection Wells and Your Drinking Water). This injection practice removes and isolates wastes from the surface biosphere, thereby removing potential contamination pathways into the air, soil and surface water that exists at near-surface disposal options.

What are the benefits of the Ecoserv disposal technology?

  • Reduced Exposure to Open Environmental Contamination

  • Reduced Risk of Legacy Liability

  • Reduced Risk of Contamination of Air & Ground Water

  • Does Not Render Land Useless for Future Use

  • Preferred Method of Major Operators

RCRA Services

Learn About Our RCRA Services