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Radiological Services

Full Service Facilities

Ecoserv provides full service capabilities of decommissioning, decontaminating, remediation, and disposal services for the management of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials; including cleaning and decontamination at its licensed decontamination facilities, at temporary job sites, field service survey and sampling of waste streams and contaminated equipment, equipment packaging for transportation, radioactive material classification per U.S. Department of Transportation requirements, site remediation and release, radioactive waste disposal of Oil and Gas Exploration & Production waste streams by injection, facility licensing and training, gamma spectroscopy analysis (Natural NORM activity concentration).


Our radiological service teams have a thorough knowledge of NORM regulations and extensive experience with identifying costs-effective solutions to manage a wide range of projects. No matter how small or how big the project – our service team is fully competent to assist with project scope development, initial site assessment through the decontamination process, remediation of contaminated sites, and waste disposal and regulatory release.


  • NORM Decontamination

  • NORM Decommissioning

  • NORM Disposal

  • NORM Transportation Management

  • Steam De-gassing

  • UHP De-Scaling

  • Tube Bundle Cleaning

  • Vessel Resale

  • NORM Surveying

  • Remote Job Site Cleaning

Man Pumping Waste at Facility