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Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal


Ecoserv’s first priorities are Safety and Compliance through technology and superior operations.  For 2 decades Ecoserv has successfully managed waste for small to large Fortune 500 companies.  A benefit to our customers is that we provide a unique, safer and more environmentally secure disposal option.

Waste Water



Vacuum Truck

Tank Truck

Roll-Off Boxes

Tote Tanks


Super Sacks

Our Capabilities:

  • Fully Permitted for Nonhazardous Industrial Waste

  • Recently Permitted to Accept Municipal Leachate Waste Water

  • No Stabilization or Solidification Charges

  • Unlimited BOD, COD. Non-RCRA Metals Content and Other Advantages

  • Can Accept Most 40CFR Flammable Exempt Waste Streams (Alcohol Content <24% Volume with Flash Point < 140° F)

  • Ability to Handle Large Volumes: Multiple Loads Per Day

  • Material That Has Been Disposed; Not Recoverable – Limited Liability