Kenny DesOrmeaux

Kenny standing in front of the ecorobotics logo

Kenny David DesOrmeaux – Ecoserv Founder / CEO
November 5, 1966 – April 10, 2022

The legend lives on…. 

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Kenny described knowing that he wanted to someday build a business that could serve his community and employ his neighbors, family, and friends. 

In 1998 he did just that by creating Offshore Cleaning Systems. After a competitive auction purchase of Offshore Cleaning Systems in 2014, Kenny co-founded Ecoserv. As a comprehensive cleaning and waste disposal service company, Ecoserv grew to over 300 employees at its largest, and continues to maintain its competitive edge as a leader in the Oil & Gas Service Industry.

As Ecoserv evolved, a division of the company called Ecorobotics, launched as a stand-alone venture in 2018. Ecorobotics continues leading the charge in robotic cleaning technology which eliminates personnel from hazardous confined spaces. 

Changing the world one patent at a time, Kenny was recognized as a 2020 Gulf Coast finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. This prestigious award is granted to those leaders who are “making a true difference in our communities by inspiring innovation and fueling economic growth,” said Travis Garms, Gulf Coast Area Entrepreneur Of The Year Director. 

Though the work was a huge part of Kenny’s life, the driving force behind everything he did came back to his roots. Having lived in places like Alaska, California, and Texas, when asked if he could go anywhere in the world where he would go, Kenny humbly exclaimed that he’d want to head “just right south of Abbeville.”

Our one “constant” is change. I despise the status quo, and work tirelessly to assure that we remain at the cutting edge of every facet of our trades. I believe that maintaining focus on the little things is the way to create a very successful “big” thing. I am humbled by the opportunity to represent some of the very best men and women in our industry. Every day.

Kenny DesOrmeaux