Waste Types: E&P and E&P NORM


The Highest Degree Of Efficiency, Safety, & Effective Technology

Ecoserv™ pioneered the patented, low-pressure injection disposal technology process, to dispose of NOW waste. This process injects waste into subsurface formations with isolation far below groundwater zones. The near-surface disposal methods, used by other companies, put NOW into landfills or land farms where any failure and leakage could potentially contaminate drinking water. Ecoserv™’s technology keeps drinking water reservoirs free from any risk of exposure — another way Ecoserv™ takes science beyond compliance.

Benefits of Using Ecoserv™ Disposal Technology:

  • Reduced Exposure to Open Environmental Contamination

  • Reduced Risk of Legacy Liability

  • Reduced Risk of Contamination of Air & Ground Water

  • Does Not Render Land Useless for Future Use

  • Preferred Method of Major Operators



Ecoserv offers the most environmentally friendly options for the decontamination, decommissioning, and disposal of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). Our highly trained project managers lead their teams with a thorough knowledge of NORM regulations, and extensive experience in EPA-compliant production and drilling operations.


Ecoserv’s efficient, cost-effective NORM services include the complete decontamination, removal, and disposal of NORM from equipment that has been utilized in oil and gas production operations. We remove scale, sand, wax, and sludge from tubulars, pipe work, valves, spools, tanks, and vessels. Once removed, our NORM scale and decontamination agents remain onsite to ensure secure disposal by underground injection — the industry’s most environmentally conscious method of disposal.


  • NORM Decontamination
  • NORM Decommissioning
  • NORM Disposal
  • NORM Transportation Management
  • Steam De-Gassing

  • UHP De-Scaling
  • Automated Tote Cleaning
  • Tube Bundle Cleaning
  • Vessel Resale
  • NORM Surveying
  • Remote Job Site Cleaning

RCRA Services: