Management & Quality System

Science Beyond Compliance

The Company shall comply with all Local, State and Federal Safety Regulations, Environmental Laws and Industry Best Practices, while constantly striving to reduce any risk or harm to human health and the environment. All employees are trained to know their environmental duties and be responsible to perform all work in accordance with the Company’s Safety and Environmental procedures.

This is the cornerstone of our business partnerships and our business model for which focuses on Health, Safety, Environment, Regulatory Compliance, Management of Change and Employee Development.

CORE Values

  • Safety is NO Accident

  • Science Beyond Compliance

  • We are People of Character

  • One for All

  • No Status Quo

P.A.L.S. Fatal Risk Prevention Rules

Core Rules

Confined Space
Personal Safety Category

Heights (Working/Ascending & Descending)
Personal Safety Category

Safe Lifting Practices/Suspended Loads
Personal Safety Category

Transportation (Operator Shell-iPlan Trips, Obey Laws and Cellular Usage Prohibited
Transportation Safety Category

Permitting System (Working & Regulating Requirements)
Site Safety Category

Energy Isolation
Control of Work Category

Supplementary Rules

Hazardous Atmospheric Exposure (Chemical/Gas Hazards)
Personal Safety Category

Working Around Heavy Equipment
Personal Safety Category

Dropped Objects
Personal Safety Category

Safety Barriers and Equipment Guards
Personal Safety Category

Severe Weather
Site Safety Category

Proper Personal Protective Equipment Practices
Site Safety Category

Fit-For-Duty (Health Management)
Site Safety Category

Stop Work is a rule that is incorporated in every rule; therefore is an obligation of every employee in the organization.
Control of Work Category

Sustainable Foundation Pillars

Protection of our two most valuable assets:

  • People

  • Permits

Carried out by a systematic focus on our four components:

  • Safety & Environmental Adherence

  • Quality

  • Communication

  • Customer Service