Our Safety Culture

We believe that safety is paramount, so we are committed to providing a safe work environment. Our safety and environmental department is continually establishing and improving upon policies and procedures to ensure we meet or exceed all applicable requirements and regulations.

Cooperation & Recognition

The Company’s primary focus is to eliminate incidents, control losses and to promote good safety and health attitudes. This can only be accomplished by actively engaging the full cooperation of all employees and providing recognition for safety performance. We are aware that safety is essential for the welfare, moral and positive working relations of our employees. Our equipment is designed, maintained and our employees are trained with those principles on the forefront of our objective.

Safety First

In order to make safety our most important consideration we have established a comprehensive Safety Program designed with a vision, mission, values and fatal risk prevention rules that encompass all levels of activity.

We are committed to partnering with our hiring clients and regulatory agencies to produce solutions that exceed minimal compliance with regards to human and environmental safety.

Safety Program

Incident prevention is the responsibility of all employees and requires the continued effort and participation of each individual. We realize that safety is a team effort and by identifying, eliminating or mitigating workplace hazards we can prevent all incidents ultimately protecting people, equipment and the environment.

Continuous Improvement

The Company will continuously articulate the belief that all divisions/ departments can successfully obtain objectives. Each employee’s contribution can improve regardless of existing circumstances or resources if the goals are SMART. The EHS department will act as leaders of the vision shared by the Company’s annual goals and objectives.

Stop-Work Practices

Every employee is trained and has the authority to utilize Stop-Work-Practices to achieve better understanding on how to proceed safer or prevent an unsafe act without worry of any repercussions. We proactively encourage employees to identify and promptly communicate matters of their concern to management in support of our Company and our hiring clients. Our appraoch is simple and is a life-cycle of continous improvement; we identify, introduce, train, inspect and/or self-verify, coach and commit.


To preserve the ability to meet changing conditions, the Company may modify, delete, or revoke any EHS policy, procedure, practice or statement. Such changes can only be modified, amended or superseded in writing and must be signed by senior authorities and EHS management of the Company.