Offshore Cleaning Services

Offshore Rig & Platform Cleaning

Regular cleaning is part of a holistic ongoing maintenance schedule for all offshore rigs and platforms to help them maintain top-notch conditions for years to come. These specialty offshore cleaning services must be performed by professionals with the proper training and experiences.

At Ecoserv, our wide range of innovative technologies and our significant experience in the upstream production industry allow us to minimize the environmental impact of our work and complete all our jobs safely and efficiently with specialized cleaning processes.

We provide these services for a wide range of purposes, including:

  • Decommissioning

  • Drilling

  • Production

Check out our case studies on Steam Generation and Ecoserv’s Mini Vac System to learn more!

Production Cleaning

Ecoserv provides a wide range of production cleaning services, including standard tank and vessel cleaning, in which we remove all sands and solids and take care of all internal equipment. Other cleaning services include tank and vessel steam degassing, chemical tank cleaning and tube bundle cleaning. We are also pleased to offer support for ISIP inspections, as well as for confined space management and rescue.

All work is performed by licensed Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) contractors, so you can be certain the job will be done safely and correctly.

  • Tank & Vessel Cleaning

  • Steam Degassing: Hot-Work Preparation, Paraffin Removal

  • ISIP Inspection Preparation

  • Confined Space Management & Rescue

  • Licensed NORM Contractor

Decommissioning Services:

Offshore cleaning is an important part of preparation for decommissioning of platforms. We perform thorough vessel cleaning in the leadup to decommissioning, going beyond surface cleaning and also focusing on pipeline flushing and pickling, ICP flushing, NORM disposal and salvage yard cleaning services. Upon completion of our work, the vessel in question can be safely decommissioned.

  • Topside Removal Preparation

  • Platform Wash-Down

  • Pipeline Flushing & Pickling

  • Chemical Flush

  • Flex-Lancing (Drains & Piping)

Drilling Cleaning Services

We offer complete mud system cleaning for drilling applications, handling items such as active and reserve pits, frac tanks, shakers, ditches and sand traps. We also offer riser cleaning and preservation both onshore and offshore.

  • Active & Reserve Pits

  • Flex-lancing up to 20k psi

  • Riser Cleaning & Preparations

  • Video Camera Inspection

Drilling: Pit Viper System

Ecoserv developed and is successfully delivering the industry’s first specialized remotely operated application for mud pit cleaning on offshore drilling assets and frac tank cleaning onshore.  The Pit Viper System replaces confined space entry when performing high-risk mud removal activities.

Eliminating workers from confined spaces has been our mission at Ecoserv and through developing technology that reduces exposures to hazardous environments we are able to limit the opportunities for injury with our personnel.

Ecoserv has successfully completed multiple projects employing the Pit Viper for major and independent operators within the Gulf of Mexico.  Introducing this application to the GOM in Q4 of 2019, the Pit Viper has now become the “go to” technology for our existing customers.  When combining all collected data from these projects, the Pit Viper has significantly reduced our personnel exposures in confined space entry upwards of 80% during high-risk activities. 

Read our press release to learn more & find contact information.

Work with a Licensed NORM Contractor for your Offshore Cleaning

Our team is pleased to provide outstanding offshore cleaning services for a wide variety of platforms and vessels, safely eliminating potentially hazardous materials and returning the vessel to excellent condition for continued service or for decommissioning. For more information about our work, contact us today at Ecoserv.

Man About to Enter to Inspect Toolhouse
Tools used for cleaning
Men Preparing for confined space entry

Production Cleaning

  • Sands & Solids Removed
  • Internal Equipment Installation
  • Prepare Internal Surveys
  • Confine Space Entry & Rescue Specialist
  • Hotwork Preparation
  • Paraffin Removal
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Ventilation
  • Isolation
  • Rescue Supervisors & Technicians
  • Confined Space Management & Rescue
  • Light Coatings Repair
  • Ballast and Void Tank Cleaning
  • Semi-Automated Process
  • Confined Space Entry OR Non-entry
  • Up to 40,000psi Flex-lancing
  • Vessel Cleaning
  • ICP Flushing
  • Pipeline Flushing & Pickling
  • NORM Management & Disposal
  • Salvage Yard Cleaning Services
  • NORM Decon
  • NORM Surveys
  • NORM Waste Shipping

Drilling Cleaning

  • Active & Reserve Pits
  • Shakers, Ditches, & Sand Traps
  • Up to 20,000psi
  • Mud lines, Fill & Return Lines
  • Drains
  • BOP’s
  • Pipe Camera Video Inspection
  • Offshore or Onshore
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning & Degassing
  • Frac Tank Cleaning
  • Ballast & Voids
  • Base Oil Tanks