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Ecoserv Environmental Services operates an E & P waste waterfront transfer facility in Louisiana. Located in Port Fourchon, this site is regulated by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and are permitted to receive RCRA Exempt Exploration and Production wastes generated in both Federal and State waters as well as inland locations. Waste shipments are documented using the UIC 28 and are transferred into our fleet of US Coast Guard certificated barges. Typical types of waste received at this transfer site includes drilling and completion fluids and cuttings, production wastes and tank bottoms, gas plant waste as well as oil and gas pipeline wastes.

Received wastes are commingled into the barge until capacity of approximately 6000 barrels is reached per barge. The barges are then transported via the Intracoastal Waterway to our Port Arthur, TX processing facility. Ecoserv takes possession of the waste at the time of transfer into the barge and manifests the material from the receiving facility to Port Arthur as Commercial Facility Waste.

Ecoserv is Texas’ first comprehensive, streamlined solution for E&P waste disposal. This includes the most environmentally friendly options for the decontamination and decommissioning of industrial equipment and naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) disposal. Our highly trained staff deliver an unsurpassed quality of work for all customers due to their extensive knowledge of NORM regulations and wide-spread experience in support of compliant production and drilling operations.

Low-pressure Injection Technology

Ecoserv Environmental Services utilizes low-pressure injection technology to manage your Railroad Commission-regulated waste streams, ensuring that RCRA-exempt non-hazardous oilfield wastes (NOW) are disposed of in the most environmentally sound manner possible.

Waste Disposal

  • Via Injection Ecoserv Collection Facilities Fourchon, LA and Port Arthur, TX
  • RCRA Exempt Oil & Gas Exploration & Production Waste Streams

Logistic and Scheduling Coordination and Hazardous Materials Shipping Documentation Preparation

Non-Oil &; Gas Industry Contaminated Equipment and Facility Surveys, Decontamination Services and Waste Disposal Management via Licensed & Approved 3rd Party Disposal Facility

  • Solids and Slurries of Pumpable Materials Via Injection Big Hill (Winnie, TX)
  • Non-pumpable materials deconned; wash-waters disposed via injection, non-pumpable materials metals reclaimed for recycle, non-metals disposed via landfill

Proppant Materials Disposed via Injection Big Hill Winnie, TX

Solids Reduction Process Equipment; grinders, hammer-mill, screening to sustain disposal formation life

Gulf Coast facilities offer the following services:


  • Drilling Fluids and Cuttings
  • Completion Fluids

  • Produced Sands and Solids

  • Storage Tank Sludge

  • Produced Water

  • Pipeline Water/Waste

  • Washout Water


  • NORM Receiving area located at Port Fourchon

  • NORM Disposal

  • NORM Decommissioning

  • NORM Decontamination (to Include Equipment, Vessels, Tubing, & Pipe)

  • Confined Space Entry Cleaning for Tanks & Vessels

  • NORM Surveying

  • Transportation Management

  • Lab Services to Include Sampling & Testing

RCRA Services:


Port Fourchon, LA

E&P Waste Transfer Facility also offering NORM Transfer, Hazardous Waste 10 Day Transfer, OSV Cleaning, Container Cleaning

Fannett, TX

NOW permitted waste disposal facility providing secure salt cavern disposal into bedded salt formations well below, and totally isolated from, all underground sources of drinking water

Winnie, TX

NORM Licensed Waste Disposal via injection and NORM Decontamination, includes Field Services; Site Surveys, Bag and Tag, Remote Site Field Decontamination