Dockside Waste Services – Gulf of Mexico


At our Super Dock at Port Fourchon, we offload waste products and clean storage containers and vessels to return them to service as quickly as possible. The 30-acre site, with 1,600 feet of water frontage, provides offloading of exploration and production waste materials and features traditional and automated cleaning of boats, barges and marine portable containers. This site also receives other types of waste, including naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) and RCRA Waste.

Cleaning Services:

  • Boat Tanks

  • Barges

  • Marine Portable Tanks (MPTs)

  • Cutting Boxes

  • Bulk Tanks

Facility Services:

  • E & P Large Volume Waste Pump Offs

  • Vacuum Truck Waste Off-Loading

  • Recycle Wash Water

  • Container Storage & Management