RCRA Receiving & Disposal Services

RCRA Waste Services

As the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations are being enforced on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, oil and gas operators will be required  to manage their hazardous waste from the point of generation,  their platforms, and not from the their Shorebase terminals.  Because of this change, offshore waste generators transporting hazardous waste may require additional consulting on how to properly manage and transport this type of waste.  With this new requirement, Ecoserv recognized the need to provide a well-designed waste management process with the goal of ensuring our clients regulatory compliance and continued sustainable technical support.

One Stop Receiving & Disposal shop

In an effort to support offshore hazardous waste generators, Ecoserv has taken steps to provide a one stop receiving and disposal shop for all wastes streams, including hazardous wastes generated by facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.  Ecoserv transfer facilities were established as temporary storage areas where wastes can be collected, managed in accordance with regulations, transported, and disposed of properly.  Each transfer facility is permitted with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) as a “10-Day Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility” that can manage all hazardous wastes generated from offshore operations. The transfer facility is located adjacent to Ecoserv’s exploration and production 29-B waste transfer facility in Louisiana at Port Fourchon. Managing hazardous waste from the “point of generation” is a vital link in the offshore hazardous waste management process.  The Ecoserv program addresses the process of shipping wastes from offshore vessels and coordinating properly licensed vehicle transportation for efficient delivery to the designated disposal facility.

Ecoserv provides fixed transportation and disposal costs for typical waste streams generated offshore  to better manage our clients costs of operations.  Ecoserv can safely mange the loading and unloading of any type or quantity of containers including drums, totes, pallets and other containers.

RCRA Compliance

Ecoserv recognizes that the key to a successful waste program and operation is understanding and complying with the numerous regulations that impact our industry. Ecoserv has implemented a Waste Management Plan as a tool to ensure that Ecoserv is cost effectively managing its customer’s waste streams in compliance with applicable laws and regulations from the “point of generation”.   Waste handling and disposal has evolved into a complex process that involves waste identification by regulatory definitions, sampling and testing, labeling, permitting, manifesting, and detailed record keeping. Regulations are ever changing and yesterday’s accepted practice may be today’s violation.

Additional RCRA Services:

  • Onsite Training

  • 24 / 7 Dockside Support Services for Shipping Wastes

  • Inventory Management

  • Manifesting

  • Profiling

  • Waste Characterization

  • Shipment Scheduling

  • Container Inspections

  • Guidance Tools for Offshore and Shorebase Personnel on Shipping Wastes Various Waste Streams

  • Determine Outlets to Recycle, Recover & Reuse

  • Waste Management Plan

  • Waste Program Development and Implementation

  • Waste Reporting (Regulatory and Non-Regulatory) – Quarterly, Annually

  • Waste Trending

The Ecoserv RCRA waste management program is designed to protect people and the environment while complying with all regulatory requirements.  We work closely with our clients to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions to the challenges of managing RCRA waste.