At Ecoserv, we are proud to offer outstanding customer service for all of the work we take on. Part of that means delivering constantly reliable safety.

We believe safety should come first and foremost in any work environment, and as such, our safety and environmental department is constantly working to improve upon all our policies and procedures to allow us to meet or exceed all industry requirements and regulations.

A quick look at the numbers shows just how well we are succeeding in this regard:

  • We performed just north of 189,000 man hours without a reportable incident.

  • We performed 88 self-verifications internally, which is a big part of what allows us to maintain such excellent safety standards. These are proactive internal investigations or audits that help us make sure we’re performing at the level we expect to perform.

  • We are performing 61% better than the industry average for reportable incidents—this means the average company will have 61 percent more reportable incidents.

  • With an experience modifier rate, we are performing 26% better than the industry average for reportable incidents.

  • For Days Away, Restricted Duty, Transfer (DART) rate, we are performing 77% better than the industry average.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty in the industry, and now more than ever it is important to work with companies you can trust. If there’s anything these numbers show, it is that Ecoserv is among the most trustworthy names in the industry for safety, significantly exceeding industry averages and surpassing two years without a single reportable incident.

Thank you to our teams, our partners, and our rising standards. We pledge our commitment to unyielding safety standards and reliable customer service every single day.