Many companies have implemented robot cleaning technology into their workspaces. Industrial robot cleaning is safer for employees, and more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning methods. 

Through the use of sonar sensors, cleaning robots can easily clean plenty of different areas while avoiding collisions with people or machinery parts. Utilizing robot cleaning also negates the possibility of human error.

Read on to learn more about industrial robot cleaning and its many benefits.


One of the main benefits of industrial robot cleaning is safety. When working on an oil rig or drilling site, supervisors should avoid putting employees in dangerous situations. However, for machinery to work efficiently, it needs routine cleaning. That’s where robot cleaning comes in. 

Ecoserv’s Pit Viper, for example, is remotely operated technology that specializes in the mud pit cleaning of offshore drilling assets and onshore frac tank cleaning. 

Pit Viper reduces high-risk operations by 80 percent, putting Ecoserv at the forefront of safety in the industry.

Employee safety should always be a top priority. By implementing robot cleaning technology, you can ensure the job gets done without risking anyone’s life.

Saves on costs

The oil and gas industry, like many other industries, is struggling due to issues like delayed shipping and coronavirus concerns. Therefore, saving money wherever possible is of the utmost importance. While adding industrial robot cleaning may result in more up-front maintenance costs, you’ll see lower costs in many other areas. 

For example, robots remove the need for expensive added safety measures, including safety gear and tools. Companies using robot cleaning do not have to worry about high workers’ compensation payouts when sending robots to do the most dangerous jobs.

More efficient cleaning

Robots programmed for a specific job can often complete that task more efficiently than human workers. The Kapi’olani Medical Center in Honolulu, for example, recently saw the benefits of implementing robot cleaners.

This isn’t to say that human workers aren’t necessary when robots are involved. Robots just free human workers up to focus on other tasks. 

Decreases downtime

Any downtime, especially at drilling sites and oil rigs, can cost a lot of money. Implementing an industrial robot cleaning service can greatly reduce downtime as robots don’t need to take breaks while cleaning like their human counterparts. As mentioned above, robots take less time to clean.

Invest in safe & efficient robotic cleaning services

At Ecoserv, we are an industry leader in robotic cleaning services. Our technology eliminates the need to put employees in hazardous environments when cleaning. Contact us today to learn more about our robotic cleaning service technology.