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Industrial Cleaning Services


Our proven robotic cleaning technology is safer, more reliable, creates less waste than manual and conventional processes at cleaning downstream oil and gas assets such as Above Ground Storage Tanks and many other vessels. Why risk human safety while cleaning tanks and performing other tasks in confined spaces?

Our line of robotic industrial cleaning technology, Industrobots, is designed for hazardous (and potentially hazardous) environments — and for confined spaces, where manned crews aren’t practical or possible. Complete the contact form above to receive printable information on these industrial cleaning services. We have cleaning and decontamination facilities throughout South Louisiana and Texas to assist with offshore and land based oilfield cleaning needs.


  • Eliminate or Reduce Confined Space Entries & Other Safety Hazards

  • Clean Large Areas with Less Downtime Than Manned Crews

  • Reduce Water or Cutter Stock Consumption

  • Reduce Waste Management & Disposal Time & Cost

  • Remove the Most Resilient of Waste Materials at a Higher Rate

  • Removing the Human Factor Inside a Vessel Creates New Cleaning Methods Never Considered

  • Reduce Liability & Insurance Costs

  • Potentially Eliminate Other Services or Jobs of a Cleaning Project


  • Above-Ground Storage Tank Cleaning Bulk Removal & Hydro Blasting

  • Cement Run-Off Ditches with Hazardous Wastes

  • Culverts

  • Rail Car Cleaning

  • Sumps

  • Sewers

  • Outfalls

  • Underground Lines

  • Separators and Other Vessels

  • Cooling Tower Basins

  • Excavation Under Pipe Racks or Other Equipment

  • Automated Cleaning Systems for Vacuum Boxes, Roll-Off Boxes & Other Containers

  • Waste Management, Collection and Disposal

  • Robotic Cutting & Demolition

  • Robotic Inspection

  • Hydro Excavation

  • Fit-for-Purpose Capabilities

  • Environmental Services in Conjunction with Cleaning Services

  • Low-Pressure Injection Waste Disposal Technology

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