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Industrial Waste Disposal

Pioneered and Patented

Ecoserv pioneered the patented, low-pressure injection disposal technology process to dispose of non-hazardous industrial waste into subsurface formations with isolation far below groundwater zones. Class I well injection technology has been lauded by the EPA as “safer than burying them in landfills, storing them in tanks or burning them in incinerators” (EPA Fact Sheet 813-F- 94-002 Class I Injection Wells and Your Drinking Water). One of the reasons the EPA has adopted this position is that underground injection removes and isolates wastes from the surface biosphere, thereby removing potential contamination pathways into the air, soil and surface water that exists at near-surface disposal options.

Science Beyond Compliance

Ecoserv’s patented low-pressure injection technology keeps drinking water reservoirs free from any risk of exposure — another way Ecoserv takes science beyond compliance.

Benefits of Using Ecoserv Technology

  • Reduced Exposure to Open Environmental Contamination

  • Reduced Risk of Legacy Liability

  • Reduced Risk of Contamination of Air & Ground Water

  • Does Not Render Land Useless for Future Use