Keep Your Workplace Infection Free

In this time of unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, we all must join the effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. At Ecoserv, we fully support the need to take action to achieve this goal quickly and effectively. Our field teams provide disinfection and cleaning services of work areas and office spaces – both offshore and in industrial environments. We also manage small specialized cleaning jobs as well as expanded decontamination project scopes.

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CDC Compliant Decontamination

The Ecoserv teams strictly follow COVID-19 protocols supported by a very rigorous internal Health and Safety program checks and balances. We develop comprehensive job scopes for each project that follow health and behavioral protocols approved by the CDC and our clients prior to starting work.

Our mission is to ensure that your workforce is safe and able to maximize productivity. We have developed and implemented strict cleaning policies and procedures that will result in creating safe workplaces for your returning employees.

Ensure Your Employee’s Safety

More than ever, it is important to maintain a safe workplace and to reassure employees that management is appropriately monitoring and responding to the situation. Having a carefully coordinated and well-thought-out approach to the coronavirus should help mitigate risks for employers while reducing many employee concerns.

Working closely with our clients, Ecoserv helps review and revamp facility cleaning operations to ensure that frequently touched surfaces are routinely disinfected and that cleaning personnel have appropriate personal protective equipment. Regardless of the work environment, we go to great lengths to identify sanitation risks and help protect employee safety.

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Ready to decontaminate your facility?

You can contact us by filling out this form, by phone at 844.432.6737, or through your Business Development Representative for more information. Our teams are on standby to help with your workplace decontamination today.