By utilizing Ecoserv’s Mini-Vac System you could be saving thousands of dollars.

Our customers with jobs requiring the cleaning of sump tanks, heater treaters, water process vessels, or any other applications where large solid particulates may be encountered are presently saving thousands of dollars with the Mini-Vac System. Join them today!

Case Study

Customer Challenge

375 bbls of product needed to be removed from a 400 bbl sump tank. The sump contained concrete, drilling mud, sand, trash, and other debris that causes continual diaphragm pump failures or malfunctions and clog hoses.


Diaphragm Pump Setup

  • Carry 5 gallon buckets of product up elevators and stairs into cutting boxes

  • Breakdown & rebuild diaphragm pumps to remove trash & debris

  • More cutting boxes required to complete the job due to the added wash water needed to break up and move product

  • Additional diaphragm pumps required which increase costs

Mini-Vac Setup

  • No manual movement of product

  • Large particulates can easily be vacuumed into cutting boxes without stoppages

  • Fewer cutting boxes required

  • Little to no wash water needed to move product

Total cost of standard package = $81,247.50 

Total cost of Mini-Vac package = $34,476.25


  • Over 50% reduction in job time

  • $46,768.25 in savings

  • 97% Reduction in wastewater

  • 50% Fewer cutting boxes needed

  • 0% downtime due to equipment malfunction

  • Enhanced safety (no manual movement of product)

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