Ecoserv offers turnkey waste management solutions for a wide range of industrial services, including offshore drilling, marine dockside, upstream production and more. In all of our waste management processes, we use traditional, robotic and automatic cleaning to complete the work as safely and efficiently as possible.

Here’s a quick overview of what you should know about these services and how they can benefit your industry.

Collection, Transportation and Disposal

Ecoserv’s waste collection services are designed to process waste as efficiently as possible, while still meeting high standards of environmental safety. After we receive waste from upstream oil and gas facilities, we test it at our transfer stations and then consolidate it onto barges, allowing us to transport it to a processing and separation facility for disposal.

We have transfer facilities located throughout the region, which allows us to complete this process faster for our clients as we can collect and consolidate more waste simultaneously and in different geographic locations.

The barges we use in this process are safe, cost-effective solutions for transporting the waste to its final destination for disposal. They are Coast Guard-certified double hull shale barges and closed top barges. Coast Guard certification ensures these barges meet the highest compliance standards you’ll find in the industry, and their massive size allows us to transport anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 barrels per load.

The disposal facility in Fannett, Texas provides efficient, secure salt cavern disposal. Waste is disposed into bedded salt formations far below and away from sources of drinking water. Our disposal methods are the most environmentally friendly options available for the industry and for the specific types of wastes we deal with, including naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). Ecoserv became the very first fully comprehensive and streamlined solution for this manner of waste disposal in Texas, and we are proud to set the regional standard for environmentally friendly industrial cleanup and waste disposal.

Why Ecoserv Waste Management?

Looking for some reasons why you should invest in Ecoserv’s waste management? Here are just a few examples of the benefits we provide our clients:

  • Environmentally friendly: Our services come with a significantly reduced risk of open environmental contamination, as well as a reduced risk of contamination of air and ground water. With the types of waste we handle, it is critical to dispose of it in a safe, sustainable manner to avoid polluting the earth.

  • Liability: Our services provide our clients with a greatly reduced risk of legacy liability.

  • Reputation: We’ve built a reputation as the preferred method of waste disposal for many major operators in the region, and it’s because of our quality of service, affordability, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

  • Land reuse: The processes we use ensure the land can be used again for future purposes.

For more information about our waste management processes, contact us at Ecoserv.