Automated And Programable Industrial Cleaning Technology For Non-manned Entry Cleaning And Visual Inspection Of Rail Cars, Tanks And Other Vessels.

Automated Viper Cleaning System

The Automated Viper Cleaning System provides improved methods, system, and apparatus for cleaning by implementation of a programmable, portable, multi-axis articulating arms (MAAA). In other words, this technology allows for operational design that provides 360/180/120 degree dual rotational nozzles. The system is aimed to provide purpose driven focused movement, rather than random wasted movements. Each of the arm segments and rotational axes have sensor and positioning components providing feedback data to the motion controller. The feedback from these components ensures that the MAAA is in the correct position according to the pre-programmed algorithms. The algorithms will provide a more efficient manner of cleaning without requiring constant repetitious movements as well as applying state of the art cleaning techniques with better than human accuracies. These algorithms can be interchanged and adapted to provide the maximum cleaning efficiency according to a multitude of variables and scenarios. The cleaning apparatus utilizes high pressure fluid flow through its nozzles which are incorporated with straightening vanes to decrease turbulent flow and increase impingement force to clean the surface. In addition to the many apparent safety factors and other efficiency added value, the AutoViper (MAAA) technology does away with unnecessary wastewater generation. This is achieved by focusing/programming the cleaning where it is needed for only as long as needed. Initial testing indicates much faster and efficient cleaning with as much as 75% reduction in wastewater generated from the cleaning processes.