Ecoserv has been awarded a significant land cleaning and professional services project from one of the largest oil and gas operators in the United States.

Ecoserv began work on the project in early 2019, after having been awarded the contract in November 2018.

The project is expected to take three to five years to complete, depending upon the progress of pipeline removal at multiple jobsite locations in northeast and southeast Texas.

Ecoserv Awarded Major Land Cleaning Services Projects

Ecoserv was awarded this project on the strength of our comprehensive capabilities and ability to provide this customer with a wide range of top quality, safe and effective land cleaning services. From project management to logistics coordination, NORM and non-hazardous cleaning, decontamination, removal and shipment of pipe and much more, Ecoserv is dedicated to providing multifaceted services to accomplish the successful completion of the project.

The services and job functions provided by Ecoserv on this project include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • NORM Survey of Pipe and Equipment – Includes the characterization, quantification and sampling of pipe and equipment to include waste and soil activity concentration determination for alpha/beta radiation. Ecoserv also performs exposure survey characterization: pre-release, confirmatory – land and equipment.

  • Sampling – Ecoserv provides hazardous waste sampling to ensure that the project meets all EPA requirements regarding hazardous waste streams.

  • Loading and Unloading of Pipe and Equipment – This service includes the operation of heavy equipment with a focus on comprehensive planning, safety documentation and properly trained personnel. Pipe and equipment is packaged properly (wrapping, plugging of pipe ends, etc.). to eliminate environmental hazards. The materials are then loaded into boxes and/or onto trucks safely and efficiently.

  • Logistics Coordination – Ecoserv has established and maintained strong relationships with multiple transportation companies across the region in order to provide consistent, on-time and cost-effective logistics solutions for our customers. We contact transportation terminals and schedule the right trucks for each individual job. Our logistics services also include coordinating pick-up/drop-off locations, times and schedules with qualified personnel at each location (from field pick-up to drop-off at disposal/scrap or other facilities). We are also focused on properly documenting transportation runs (such as empty truck weight, weight of load and quantity of load to be documented – along with photos of each load). Ecoserv is also committed to providing qualified personnel at work locations who are well-trained and dedicated to safe operations.

  • DOT Manifesting for NORM Shipments – Ecoserv provides NORM manifests and all necessary shipping documentation concerning the shipment of equipment and waste. This includes state-specific and receiving location-specific documentation.

  • Project Management – Ecoserv provides comprehensive project management that includes the development of NORM management procedures, scope of work, customized client training programs, regulatory review of applicability and development of licensing and permit applications and notifications.

  • Asbestos Abatement Management – We provide coordination and scheduling of qualified contractors who specialize in asbestos abatement management. Ecoserv monitors and manages subcontractor operations and provides progress reports to the customer throughout the entire process.

  • Shipment of Asbestos – Ecoserv ensures that each piece of pipe/equipment is properly wrapped and packaged to minimize environmental impact during transportation and disposal. This service also includes locating the proper disposal destination that will accept asbestos waste. We also ensure that the proper shipping documentation and waste profile manifest paperwork is completed as per all pertinent regulations.

  • Shipment of Scrap Metal – This service involves the safe and environmentally responsible packaging, loading and shipping of scrap metal to appropriate disposal or recycling facilities.

  • NORM Decontamination – Ecoserv provides NORM decontamination of equipment, vessels, tubing, pipe and related materials. Our NORM decontamination services are carried out with the utmost dedication to safety and environmental responsibility and meet all state and federal regulations.

  • Property/Site Cleanup (Housekeeping) – The client on this project has requested that Ecoserv clean up after other contractors based on our exemplary reputation for providing exceptional housekeeping in the field. Ecoserv is dedicated to leaving job sites as clean or cleaner than before the work began on the site. Our policy is to “leave no trace” when it comes to housekeeping of job sites.

Ecoserv was awarded this project on the strength of our comprehensive services and ability to accomplish all of the aforementioned tasks as required by our customer. But perhaps just as important, the project came about as a result of our positive relationship with this customer’s management and field personnel, established over years of working together and building mutual trust.

With our unwavering commitment to service, in the early stages of this multi – year project, Ecoserv personnel have received superior reviews from this customer as well as representatives of other affiliated contractors. As with all Ecoserv projects, this is a result of the attention to detail and exemplary documentation provided by our project managers as well as the hard work and dedication to safety, efficiency and quality shown by the entire Ecoserv crew.

One of the factors that make Ecoserv unique is the quality of our personnel. We are focused on hiring people who embrace the importance of honesty, integrity and hard work. We believe that each employee at Ecoserv is as important as the next, and our philosophy is to always treat others as we would have them treat us. Furthermore, by properly compensating our employees – both monetarily and personally – we have created a company culture that is positive, friendly and productive. This is evident in our outstanding safety record, professional attitude and high tenure average of our employees.

The ability of Ecoserv to successfully complete large projects is also enhanced by our attitude toward compliance or hyper-compliance as always stated. It is our policy that Ecoserv will always comply with all local, state and federal safety regulations, environmental laws and industry best practices, while constantly striving to reduce any risk or harm to human health and the environment. Every Ecoserv employee is trained to know their environmental duties and be responsible in performing all work in accordance with the company’s safety and environmental procedures. This is the cornerstone of our business partnerships and our business model, which focuses on health, safety, environment, regulatory compliance, management of change and employee development.

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