Ecoserv Tank Cleaning Alternative was recently featured in CIO Applications. Below is an excerpt from the CIO Applications article.

Ecoserv: Providing a Safe and Effortless Tank Cleaning Alternative

By Clara Mathew | Dec 17, 2018

The way a crude oil storage tank is prepared for a human-based cleaning exercise has been essentially the same for the last 200 years. Even five years ago, if you had visited a container tank site in the Permian Basin, you would have noticed personnel in with their orange jumpsuits, lighted helmets, and proper personal protective equipment waiting for the atmosphere of the tank to be tested and approved prior to entry. However, something has changed in the last couple of years. An innovation has arrived in the oil and gas industry to refrain companies from risking human safety while cleaning and performing other tasks. While others have called it ‘the need of the hour,’ for Kenny DesOrmeaux, the CEO and President of Ecoserv, this innovation is the future of automated cleaning.

Why risk the lives of humans when robots can take over and do a particular job? DesOrmeaux is spearheading this innovation by replacing humans with robots by delivering efficient and reliable robotic equipment. Instead of making the suited- up personnel enters the tank, Ecoserv leverages hydraulically-driven crawlers that replace human legs.

Download the pdf for the full article or read online here.