Ecoserv’s Onshore Cleaning and Decontamination Division has merged with the Offshore Cleaning Division forming the Specialized Cleaning Services Group.

Backed by Ecoserv’s extensive resources, this multifaceted team is focused on delivering an expanded scope of services built around the cleaning needs of our customer base.

Specialized Cleaning Services Group

The combined group is led by management and field leadership personnel with more than 200 years of combined industry experience and notable regulatory knowledge.

Our proven expertise helps Ecoserv identify and provide cost-effective solutions for our customers while managing very diverse projects. From the biggest, most complex projects for major operators to small jobs for local oil and gas companies, our team has the capabilities to assist with everything from project scope development and initial site assessment, through the cleaning and decontamination process, remediation of contaminated sites and waste logistics management.

In addition, Ecoserv owns and operates permitted oil and gas exploration and production waste disposal injection wells and licensed cleaning facilities in East Texas and Permian Basin.

Our innovative technologies and upstream, midstream and downstream industry experience enable us to minimize environmental impact and successfully complete projects with the safest, quickest methods available in the oil and gas industry service sector. The bottom line is that Ecoserv Specialized Cleaning Services offers customers a wide range of services focused on quality, safety, environmental responsibility and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Project Management – Our professional project management solutions include developing client-specific training programs, NORM management procedures, scope of work, regulatory review of applicability, and developing license and permit applications and notifications.

  • NORM RSO Field Services – This includes dispatching RSO to conduct surveys, dose determination, review scope of work and collect samples.

  • Manifest & DOT Shipping Coordination – Includes creating NORM manifest and appropriate shipping documentation for equipment and waste shipments – state specific and receiving location specific.

  • Waste Transportation Classification – Waste disposal transportation classification: Natural NORM and Total Gamma Analysis Activity Concentration; Radium -226, Radium-228, Thorium-228, Iridium-192, Scandium-46 and Antimony-124.

  • NORM Worker & Surveyor Training & Refresher – We provide a certified trainer to conduct NORM surveyor and worker training and refresher courses.

  • Facility NORM Survey and Sampling – Includes characterization/quantification sampling of equipment, waste and soil for activity concentration determination,
wipe test for contamination determination – Alpha/Beta radiation. We also perform exposure surveys characterization & quantification: pre-release, confirmatory – land and equipment.

  • Packaging, Securing and Loading Waste & Equipment – Includes dispatching of crews to package (seal open ends, remove loose debris) equipment and waste for shipment, including load-out.

  • NORM Disposal – Includes disposal of solids and slurries of pumpable materials as well as non-pumpable materials.

  • Tank & Vessel Cleaning – Both NORM and non-NORM cleaning including flushing and decontamination of separators, heater treaters, float-cells, etc.

  • Chemical Tank Cleaning – Includes semi-automated process and confined space entry or non-entry.

  • Other Tanks – Includes fuel tank cleaning & degassing; ballast & voids; base oil tanks.

  • Complete Mud System Cleaning – Includes active & reserve pits; shakers, ditches and sand traps.

  • Riser Cleaning & Preservation – Available both onshore and offshore.

  • Tank & Vessel Degassing – Steam degassing includes hot-work repair preparation and paraffin removal.

  • Confined Space Management & Rescue – Includes atmospheric monitoring, ventilation, isolation and rescue supervisors & technicians.

  • Tubular Cleaning – We provide cleaning of drill tubulars that are contaminated with NORM, hydrocarbons, mud and scale.

  • Tube Bundle Cleaning – Tube bundle cleaning includes up to 40,000psi flex-lancing.

  • Sub-sea Trees, Flowlines & Jumpers – Includes flushing, cleaning and decontamination of trees, connectors, jumpers and flowlines.

  • Flex-Lancing – Up to 20,000psi to include mud lines, fill and return lines, drains, BOPs; also includes pipe camera video inspection.

  • ISIP Inspection Support – Includes confined space management & rescue, light coating repair and ballast & void tank cleaning.

  • Decommissioning – This service includes structure and equipment removal preparation such as vessel cleaning, ICP flushing, pipeline flushing & pickling, NORM management & disposal, and salvage yard cleaning services.

  • Radioactive Isotope Decontamination – NORM services include Lead-210 & Polonium-210 contaminated piping and equipment; regulated Radium-226, Radium-228 and manmade proppant (tracer).

  • Oilfield Radioactive Man-made Tracer Waste – Includes decontamination, waste management and disposal of proppant materials.

Ecoserv is a leader in oilfield related cleaning and waste disposal through consolidating the multi-step, multi-contract system of the traditional oilfield cleaning and waste disposal process. We have created something much better – a single, seamless system designed to save our customers time and maximize their profits.

The fact is that Ecoserv was built upon the cornerstones of established expertise, technical innovation and a steadfast commitment to improving the oil and gas industry. Furthermore, we recognize the importance of preserving our environment in everything we do at Ecoserv. Our entire team is dedicated to bringing new meaning to “environmental service.”

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